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About Us

Salamander Stoves is based in the small village of Ogwell, which sits just on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, in the United Kingdom. Our small family-run business has grown alongside our reputation for making quality small wood stoves.

The quality of our small wood stoves is paramount, and each stove is hand-finished at our Devon workshop. Our small team works together to provide each of our customers with what we hope is a 5 star product with 5 star service.

We have now been manufacturing our small wood stoves for over 10 years, and we are proud to offer a trusted, high-quality product at an affordable price. Every one of our stoves is hand-finished in Devon by our small team of engineers to each customer’s specifications.

Our Salamander stove comes with a 5 year warranty when you register your stove with us. Our warranty covers the main body parts of the stove, but does not cover parts such as the glass, grates, baffles and fire bricks, as these are consumable items, which will be subject to general wear over time.

Our flag ship small stove is sold outside the UK as the ‘Salamander’ and is available with a range of options. The only difference is the name, and our tiny stove has found its home in a number of different applications across the globe.

The stove below has the stand option and is fitted with a combination of single wall flue pipe and twin wall flue pipe. With this tiny stove installation being in a very windy position, the rain cap was upgraded to an anti down draft cowl.

In small spaces such as beach huts, cabins and garden rooms the Salamander tiny stove is a small but stylish heating solution.

Due to its compact size, our tiny wood stove is also a great choice for those building tiny homes, shepherds huts or wagons and wish to incorporate a small wood burner.

The direct air capability and space saving stove stand option make it very suitable for free-standing applications.


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