Read our FAQ's for the tiny Salamander stove

Read our FAQ’s to find out more information about the tiny Salamander stove, the stove that fits small spaces


There is a wealth of information about our tiny woodstove and about us on our main website. This page of frequently asked questions is a very short summary of that information. We hope you find the answer to your question but if however you do not find the answer, then please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

Why ‘Salamander’

Salamander’ is the name for our small stove, outside the UK.

Planet Salamander is the growing international hub for finding our Salamander tiny stoves around the globe.

How much is the Salamander small stove?

The price of a Salamander is £395* for the classic model and £437.50* for the SE version

(*prices are Ex. VAT).

How can I order my stove?

You can order your Salamander small stove either from your nearest international salamander small stove dealer or direct from us here in the UK.

What is the cost of the duty and tax?
For a private import the cost is only very nominal at around $5 to $20 depending on the specific US State.
What is the difference between the standard stove and SE stove models?

Both the classic and SE model are the same multi fuel small stove. The difference is in the setting up of the internal arrangement and airflow configuration. The SE model is configured to reduce the level of emission particulates.

The SE version has been configured to comply with UK smoke control zones, under criteria set out by DEFRA. To burn wood in a smoke control zone then you must have a DEFRA APPROVED stove.

How long will my stove take to arrive?
Normally your stove will take 3 weeks from point of order to arrival.
How heavy is the stove?
50kg or 110 lbs
What size and depth of hearth do I need?
12mm thick and extend 225mm to the front and 150mm to the sides of the stove firebox.
How high is the stove?
The stove is 465mm tall on the standard legs and 615mm with the stand option.
How wide is the stove?
How deep is the stove?
The firebox depth is 272mm
How high is the stove with the stand?
What is the stove heat output?
4 KW / 13500 BTU’s
What size room will the stove heat?
A room approx. 5m by 3m would be ideal although it is difficult to give an exact figure on square footage because really you are talking cubic volume being more relevant. In addition, there are a number of factors such as windows, insulation etc. which also will increase or reduce this size.
How close can the stove be to combustibles?
How close can the stove be to non-combustibles?
How close can the stove go to a wall shielded with vermiculite board?
If the board is 25mm thick and has an airgap behind it to the combustible wall of 10mm then the stove can be 200mm away.
What is the stove flue size?
The stove flue size is 100mm/4” – we can supply a 4” to 5” or 4” to 6” adaptor, as required.
Is the stove top or rear flue outlet?
The Salamander small stove is top or rear exit. There is a blanking plate and collar which are interchangeable between the top and rear outlets
Does the stove have a direct air option?

YES, the Salamander small stove has a direct air arrangement possible. There are also the following additional stove options.


Can I heat water with my stove?
YES, not only can you easily boil a kettle on the top of the stove but we can also fit the stove with a 1KW stainless steel back boiler. You can then run a small radiator or heat water in a small tank. This video shows a thermo syphon system set up similar to one you may find in an off-grid scenario or canal boat.
Can I cook on my stove?

YES, the Salamander small stove is the perfect stove for cooking.

Visit this cooking on a woodstove blog to find out more.

Our Salamander small stove also has a stainless steel insert ‘cooking top’ option.

Where do I buy spares for my stove?

All of our stove spares are available for international shipping.

Please contact us with your details and the spares you require. We airfreight

all our spares in 24hrs so they are with you normally within 1 week.

Are the colour options available on international orders?
The colour options are only available in the EU and USA as the Stovebright paint cannot be airfreighted but originates from the USA so can be sourced locally in the event of any stove maintenance required in the future.
Can you supply the flue kit with the stove?
YES, we can supply the flue kit required to install your tiny woodstove. Send us the details of your particular scenario and we can calculate the flue components required. You may well wish to source your flue kit locally and we are able to pack a 4” to 5” or 6” adaptor inside your stove if required.
Will the 5 year warranty apply?
YES, the warranty for international orders is the same as for the UK and Europe.
Does the stove have EPA certification?
NO, we are currently seeking to have our Salamander small stove certificated at an EPA approved lab in the US. Once completed our stove will be available to install in any domestic dwelling which falls under local building regulations.
Can I install a salamander small stove in a domestic dwelling in Australia or New Zealand?
NO, only in off grid applications.
How much does international delivery cost?

The average cost of international delivery is as follows;


North America $300 USD

Australia/NewZealand $650 AUS DOLLARS

Will I save money if I buy more than one stove?
NO, but if perhaps you own a stove shop, applicable outlet or maybe you are a tiny home building company or similar then why not become an international Salamander small stoves dealer.
Does the stove come with a multi tool?
YES, the multi tool is included and is used to open the doors, take out the ashpan as well as riddling the grate and poking the fire!
Does the stove come with an ash pan?
YES, the ashpan is included along with a small dustpan and brush.
How do I take my Salamander stove out of the box?
Can I install my stove in a mobile home or other air tight scenario?
YES, along as you take the required precautions relating to the proximity of combustibles, ventilation and install a carbon monoxide alarm.
Do I need a flue for my stove?
YES, all stoves need a flue to evacuate the burnt gases and smoke. You can construct a flue system using a combination of single and twin wall flue parts.
Is the Salamander stove suitable for a tiny home?
We designed our tiny stove for small spaces just like tiny homes. The compact footprint makes it an ideal choice. The direct air option also is for some a tiny home stove prerequisite.
Can you supply a tiny home flue kit?

YES, we can supply a tiny home flue kit to accompany your tiny woodstove.

Contact us to discuss your own particular stove and flue requirements.

What can I burn in the stove?
The stove is multi fuel so will burn wood and coal. It will also burn peat and eco-logs. Read about how effective eco-logs are in our Salamander small stove here.
Will the stove keep in overnight?

The firebox is 11” x 9” x 10” so it is a challenge to put enough fuel in the firebox to keep the stove in but with practice it can be achieved. The use of good dry dense fuel is primarily the best chance and not riddling the grate before bedtime after having built up a good bed of ash and ember.

The controls on the SE model are configured to always allow some air into the firebox. This is because shutting the air completely off will produce a higher level of emission particulates.

What size log will the stove take?
200mm or 8” are the best size as they allow a little wiggle room for each log and thus it allows you to stock the firebox up more easily.
Can you burn eco-logs in the stove?

YES, eco logs are brilliant as they are really dry and dense so burn cleanly for a long time. This makes them a great value for money fuel source.

They also stack very ergonomically so are perfect for people living lightly in small spaces such as boats or tiny homes for example. Ecologs are the fuel of the future

What is the best wood to use in a wood burning stove?
DRY WOOD is the best answer to this age old question. Basically hardwoods such as oak, ash, beech, birch, sycamore are all brilliant as long as they are nice and dry.
Why should I choose a Salamander small stove?

We pride ourselves on providing you with a quality small stove that will give you years of reliable service.

Read our testimonials and Salamander stove reviews to find out from our customers why you should choose our tiny woodstove.

Do you have a facebook page?

We have a social media page on our website

And a facebook page with salamander small stove reviews.

Some testimonials

Click here to read about our 100’s of other happy customers

“We just wanted to say how impressed and how much of a life saver our little Salamander Stove has been. it was fitted a few months ago in our holiday home in Rhu, Scotland, which is a large open plan conversion in a victorian house. this weekend our boiler decided it was not going to play ball, the little Salamander Stove has stepped up to the challenge providing heat in a very large area, about twenty eight foot by twenty four foot with a high ceiling of about eighteen foot, keeping the room reasonably warm, warm enough for us not to use cardigans.” Alan W, Scotland

We recently had installed a little Salamander Stove and thought we would send you some images of the installation…..we are happy for you to use the images. We are very pleased with the stove and think it looks great. We restored our fireplace [it was hidden under plaster!] and the whole look is better than we hoped. Neil

We had a Salamander Stove fitted this week by Alex Reay of Flues and Fires and I just wanted to get in touch to say it is AMAZING and we love it.

We have a lovely cast iron tiled fireplace which I was desperate not to lose when we installed a wood burning stove but until I found the Salamander Stove on Google, everyone told me it would be impossible to keep the fire surround. The Salamander Stove is perfect – not only does it fit very snugly but it looks fantastic, and the blue tiles complement the tiles very nicely.

We are sitting enjoying a fire now and absolutely loving it! Thanks for creating such an amazing product.

Nicola Williams

The effect is great and we both think it is a really good stove as it suits our front room and warms the room and surrounding area just nicely so much so that the central heating did not come on this morning Andrew Parkhouse