Welcome to Planet Salamander – The international hub for our Salamander small stove

We are proud to have sent our small multi-fuel stoves out across the globe.

Our small stove has found a home in a number of different applications across the globe. Pictured here is a Salamander small stove which found a home perched on the edge of the cliff facing the ocean. This particular salamander stove has the stand stove option and is fitted with a combination of single wall flue pipe and twin wall flue pipe. With this stove installation being in a very windy position the rain cap was upgraded to an anti down draft cowl. In small spaces such as beach huts, cabins and garden rooms the Salamander small stove is a small but stylish heating solution.

Due to its compact size our tiny woodstove is also a great choice for those building tiny homes, shepherds huts or wagons and wish to incorporate a woodstove. The direct air capability and space saving stove stand option make it very suitable in this type of free standing application. The first picture shows our Salamander small stove in sky blue which took pride of place in a handmade wagon crafted by the Hornby Island caravan company.