Brad Blythe loves his Small Woodshed especially now he has a Salamander Small Stove

Quaint. Cozy, Well-designed. Well-built. Solid. These are just a few words that leap to mind that describe the Salamander tiny woodstove.

It’s hard to believe that a single item could add so much character to our small woodshed, but the tiny stove did exactly that. The little stove roared away during our last 40cm snowstorm and easily kept -15c temps at bay. The stove, coupled with an antique kerosene lamp, creates a feel of yesteryear. The Salamander stove warms the room and the soul.

Our 50 sq ft woodshed is leaky and uninsulated, but by regulating the burn rate of the stove (amount of fuel and airflow), I can have a comfortably warm space or a sauna. It’s obvious that the stove could easily heat a much larger area.

Even with the cost of shipping to the US, this stove is well worth the cost. Mark and Gill were wonderful to deal with and I couldn’t offer higher praise for their customer service and product.

Brad Blythe
Evergreen, Colorado, USA